22/04/2012 - Singapore 17 apr. 2012


With its inseparable, transportable booth, Vibiemme wanted to be a reference point for our Asian distributors at the Singapore Expo.
Particularly appreciated was the king krabs and sea food dinner, which satisfaied everybody, starting from the left with Mr. Bin Chen (Taiwan), Mr. Norio Sano and Mr. Hidetoshi Nishimura (Japan), Mr. Kim Chae (Korea), Mr. Cristiano Cieri (Vibiemme Italy), Mr. Cedric and Mr. Phil Ho (Singapore), Mr. Chae Khan (Malaysia) and the Toffin Products gang from Indonesia, lead by Mr. Tony Arifin.

A special thanks to Mr. Cristiano Cieri, Mr. Phil and Mr. Cedric Ho who succeeded in the hard venture of assembling our booth in the record time of 3 hours….also considering the high humidity level  and temperature values,  not keeping with European standards.